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Baking Madness

Today I was bit by the baking bug. I wanted to try a few things I haven't made in a while and something new.

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I hope you enjoyed my little baking adventure. I know I sure did. I will probably have another week off work, so lets see what else I can make!
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Sunday Breakfast

So I had some left over chicken and gravy after lunch I made for my sister yesterday. It was my intention to have Chicken smothered in gravy and onions, along with grits and biscuits. I just couldn't seem to find my grits! I do not like eggs so there is what I am left with!

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Buttermilk Bread

Well, the bread looks okay.  It is a little light on the top.  It tastes good too, next time I will increase the salt.  I accidentally killed the yeast when I added the first batch of liquid (it was too hot).  So I had to "repair it" (had to add more yeast, flour and water)  which worked out nicely.

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Pink Flower

Creme Brulee

I am almost forgot to take pictures of this. I would have taken the picture without the sugar, but this was one of the ones which didn't look good. My oven is too small and tilts back a bit. When I put the sheet pan in with the water, it rests on top of the lip of the oven rack, that along with the tilt caused all the water in the pan go towards the back four ramekins. Those four came out perfect. The next two came out good, but last two came out all bubbly, but still tasted good. This one was one of the bubbly; ergo why no pictures without the sugar.

Regardless of how it looked it tasted great!

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