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Staring a Catering Business

Hey everyone -- I'm new here and an aspiring caterer!  First I apologize if this has been posted a million times already but I have a couple questions.  First of all I am definitely going to do a ton of research, but you know how its sometimes easier to ask people then read a book?  Well, here it goes:

I had this idea of building a website and catering from my house (small cakes and things).  Is this at all possible given food service laws throughout the country?  I live in Nevada if that helps at all.  Do I need to supply the Health Inspector with a kitchen?  Do I need to get my OWN kitchen inspected (or is this even possible?) etc Do I need to even tell the health district?  I'm rather clueless and these are merely the beginning stages of an idea I had a couple weeks ago so any advice would be much appreciated. 

Thanks a lot everyone!  If I need to fix/delete this post in anyway, just let me know!

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