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Thanksgiving Shopping and Prep

After visiting 5 stores, I have all the ingredients needed for my Thanksgiving Feast. However, I still need to make one more stop to pick up heavy cream,butter, milk, pans for the chaffing dishes, and apple cider from Sam’s Club. They simply have the best prices for those items. I will also need about 40 pounds of ice for the turkey brine and to keep the sodas cold, which I will get Wednesday evening.

I am considering adding roasted asparagus to the menu. There are a lot of nice green and white varieties at the market. I have never had it before either. I have also added a simple cornbread stuffing for a more traditional taste. It will be cornbread, sourdough bread, celery,onions, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper and chicken stock.

Next to do is creating my “forgot” list, where I jot down the items I have missed. Tuesday, I will pick up a probe thermometer as mine broke a while back.

I have started the prep for my dinner. The smell of sweet roasted garlic, for the Mashed Potatoes swirls around my home. The Tart Cranberry Dipping Sauce is cooling on the counter. I am preparing to make my roux for the Apple Thyme Gravy. I also have my pie crusts made.


General prep consisting of chopping onions and celery mostly, looking over my recipes to make sure I have everything, grating the cheese, and putting together the dry ingredients for the cakes. The turkey is already in the refrigerator defrosting. I will make the cornbread for the dressing. I will also take out the chicken stock in the freezer to thaw.


The assembly of the macaroni and cheese, and stuffing will take place. As well as getting all the prep done for green bean and carrot dishes. I will also have the all the ingredients measured for those dishes as well as the ham.


The baking will get done, expect for the apple pie. Since fruit pies tend to get a bit soggy if you let them sit. I will put the apple mixture together, but baking it off on Thursday morning. The citrus in the recipe will keep the apples from turning brown.

Before bed, I will wash and lay out all the serve ware and cookware.


Around 5:00 AM the turkey goes in the brine. I have two roasters which will be used to prepare the ham and turkey. This will leave my oven free. I around 2:30 or 3:00 PM, I will start the “in and out” of the oven and into the chaffing dishes. Also at 2:30 I will start my carrots, then my green beans. I will start the mashed potatoes at 3:15.The stuffing and macaroni & cheese can go in the oven at the same time, which will be first; then the asparagus, and rolls lastly.

Cleaning will get done tomorrow and along the way.

I am so excited!
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