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My 33rd Birthday Celebration - A Culinary View

Let me stay first I forget to get batteries so I have no pictures of this event!

I love foods from American, Italian, Latin, & and Asian inspired cuisines. I realize technically the following items can all be considered "American" as they not at authentic. With that said let me present my menu

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Needless to say I am really tired today. I started the cooking on Friday night and finished up Saturday morning. It did it all by myself. I had a fantastic time doing it. My guests loved it (so much so I got lecture about how I'm wasting my life by not opening my own restaurant)

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Staring a Catering Business

Hey everyone -- I'm new here and an aspiring caterer!  First I apologize if this has been posted a million times already but I have a couple questions.  First of all I am definitely going to do a ton of research, but you know how its sometimes easier to ask people then read a book?  Well, here it goes:

I had this idea of building a website and catering from my house (small cakes and things).  Is this at all possible given food service laws throughout the country?  I live in Nevada if that helps at all.  Do I need to supply the Health Inspector with a kitchen?  Do I need to get my OWN kitchen inspected (or is this even possible?) etc Do I need to even tell the health district?  I'm rather clueless and these are merely the beginning stages of an idea I had a couple weeks ago so any advice would be much appreciated. 

Thanks a lot everyone!  If I need to fix/delete this post in anyway, just let me know!

Thanksgiving Shopping and Prep

After visiting 5 stores, I have all the ingredients needed for my Thanksgiving Feast. However, I still need to make one more stop to pick up heavy cream,butter, milk, pans for the chaffing dishes, and apple cider from Sam’s Club. They simply have the best prices for those items. I will also need about 40 pounds of ice for the turkey brine and to keep the sodas cold, which I will get Wednesday evening.

I am considering adding roasted asparagus to the menu. There are a lot of nice green and white varieties at the market. I have never had it before either. I have also added a simple cornbread stuffing for a more traditional taste. It will be cornbread, sourdough bread, celery,onions, poultry seasoning, salt and pepper and chicken stock.

Next to do is creating my “forgot” list, where I jot down the items I have missed. Tuesday, I will pick up a probe thermometer as mine broke a while back.

I have started the prep for my dinner. The smell of sweet roasted garlic, for the Mashed Potatoes swirls around my home. The Tart Cranberry Dipping Sauce is cooling on the counter. I am preparing to make my roux for the Apple Thyme Gravy. I also have my pie crusts made.

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[Pictures] - Broke Dinner

Right now I'm oh so broke, waiting on my first check and the last of my unemployment. Mother Hubberts' cupboard has nothing on my refrigerator right now! Woo! However, I did have some buttermilk, breakfast sausage, and heavy cream. Oh yeah and some frozen strawberries. Combined that with my baking staples and we have my dinner last night.

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Something tells me I should be ashamed of myself, but I am just not!

Thanks to my friend Alison for reminding me to take pictures. Her and her finance, Ron where enjoying this "dinner" with me!
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Baking Again

Overall stress really is not fun for anyone involved. However, to relieve my stress, I find myself in the kitchen, mostly baking. So I bring to you my latest creations. Mind you they are not pretty, but tasty.

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Alas, I still want to bake, but I am out of AP flour. I still have cake, bread, wheat and self rising flour. I am thinking I can use the self rising, I will just need to "play" with the leavening a bit since it is already in the mix. According to Cook's Thesaurus website A.K.A foodsubs.com there is a 1.5 teaspoon of baking powder to 1/2 teaspoon salt. With that in my mind, I will now scour my cookbooks to see what else I can make! I just wish someone would come get this stuff, but in the freezer it will go!