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Staring a Catering Business

Hey everyone -- I'm new here and an aspiring caterer!  First I apologize if this has been posted a million times already but I have a couple questions.  First of all I am definitely going to do a ton of research, but you know how its sometimes easier to ask people then read a book?  Well, here it goes:

I had this idea of building a website and catering from my house (small cakes and things).  Is this at all possible given food service laws throughout the country?  I live in Nevada if that helps at all.  Do I need to supply the Health Inspector with a kitchen?  Do I need to get my OWN kitchen inspected (or is this even possible?) etc Do I need to even tell the health district?  I'm rather clueless and these are merely the beginning stages of an idea I had a couple weeks ago so any advice would be much appreciated. 

Thanks a lot everyone!  If I need to fix/delete this post in anyway, just let me know!


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Sep. 10th, 2007 01:40 am (UTC)
It is hard to say since each state has different rules. Here is CA, we are not allowed to use our home kitchen to cater from, as well we are subject to certain zoning regulations as well.

What I would do it call the local health department and find out the regulations for your area.

Worse case you can start by word of mouth, letter people know you do not have a commercial kitchen and start off with people you can trust until you have built up enough of a reputation to either rent a commercial kitchen or look into purchasing your own.

I am sorry it too so long to get back to you. I'm usually the only one who posts here! When I saw this post I assumed it was in other community.
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